2016/03/11 【Press Release】The product which became a topic and refreshed the history of Chinese anime film arrived in Japan finally!Access Bright got all rights of『西遊記之大聖帰来(original title)』in Japan,such as distribution rights and so on
2016/02/15 (Press Release)「By joint development with Toei Animation,a smart phone game 『 Robot Girls Z』“first” for Chinese market got Top1 at overall charts of Chinese App Store Paid Applications!
2016/02/10 (Press Release)By the subject of「Hello Kitty」,a smart phone game named 『Hello Kitty Starryland』 “first” for Chinese market was exhibited by the first time at「SANRIO EXPO 2016」in Japan publicly
2016/02/09 (Press Release)By joint development with Toei Animation,a smart phone game 『Robot Girls Z』“first”for Chinese market got TOP2 at overall charts of Chinese App Store Paid Applications!
2016/01/29 【Press Release】By the joint development with Toei Animation,“first” smart phone game for Chinese market『Robot Girls Z』iOS version released in China!
2016/01/25 (Press Release)By the subject of「Hello Kitty」,a smart phone game named『Hello Kitty Starryland』firstly designed for Chinese market will be announced firstly in Japan at「SANRIO EXPO 2016 」
2016/01/19 (Press Release)By a joint development with Toei Animation Co.,Ltd ,“first” smart phone game of『Robot Girls Z』Android version for Chinese market started delivery in China!
2016/01/12 (Press Release)By a joint development with Toei Animation,the first smart phone game『Robot Girls Z』 for Chinese market has won the Best Mobile Game Award in 2015 DoNews Top Prize
2015/12/08 (Press Release)Access Bright’s「Digimon Crusader」Traditional Chinese Version delivery starts in Taiwan・Hongkong・Macao!
2015/12/07 (News)Notice of Office Relocation
2015/12/02 (Press Release)Access Bright held the『Robot Girls Z』cosplay meeting at China’s largest geek festival ComiCup17!We presented the winner the appearance right in the film which is producted by Chinese largest film production company Enlight Media
2015/11/24 (Press Release)We want to inform you that Access Bright, the company who is supporting the development of Japanese contents such as animation&game and so on in China’s market, cooperated with China’s large film production&distributor company Enlight Media
2015/11/24 (News)Access Bright was published on Nikkei News
2015/10/29 (Press Release)Access Bright’s coproduction with TOEI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd., a smart phone game「Robot Girls Z」’s openαtest starts delivery for China
2015/08/04 (News)Access Bright was published on Nikkei Industry Newspaper
2015/08/03 (Press Release)Access Bright made a great success in exhibiting firstly on China’s largest scale of game show「ChinaJoy2015」!〜Thorough“Chinese Culturization”was reported by TV and the majority media〜
2015/07/21 (Press Release)Access Bright will exhibit in China’s largest scale of game show「ChinaJoy2015」B2C Exhibition
2015/07/15 (Press Release)Access Bright made a decision that an application of the world’s popular character「Hello Kitty」for smart phone will be produced&supplied in China
2015/06/26 (Press Release)To commemorate the release of a smart phone game「Robot Girls Z」,which is co-produced by Access Bright and TOEI ANIMATION,we held the「Robot Girls Z Online Press Conference」in Shanghai~closed βtest also start delivery~
2015/06/22 (News)Access Bright was published on「KADOKAWA DWANGO CORPORATION Game White Book 2015」
2015/06/19 (Press Release)The application「Robot Girls Z」for smart phones will be released in China this summer!Access Bright will hold a reporter presentation with TOEI ANIMATION Co., Ltd. on 23th June in Shanghai
2015/06/08 (Press Release)Access Bright has been reported as a pioneer in practicing「General Entertainment」industry ,on the book of「Internet+:National Strategy Action Roadmap」
2015/04/27 (Press Release) Access Bright has won two honorable Chinese game awards for the Chinese version of “Digimon Crusader.”
2014/12/25 (Press Release) Access Bright has partnered up with Baidu in the Chinese promotions field.
2014/10/02 (Press Release) Access Bright has assumed a role on the Chinese Internet Copyright Protection Association’s board of directors, joining Tencent and Baidu. This association uses their influence, instead of legal measures, in striving to rid China of pirate
2014/09/22 (Press Release) Access Bright has increased their capital through fundraising from Japanese Asia Investment Company. They comprehensively develop Japanese content, such as manga, anime, and games for the Chinese market.
2014/09/03 (Press Release) The Chinese version of “Steins; Gate”, which is managed by Access Bright, has achieved the number 12 ranking on the Chinese App Store’s composite paid rankings. It is also number 2 in the paid adventure game category
2014/08/28 (Press Release) Access Bright has commenced the simultaneous distribution of “Steins;Gate” from Mages. on both iOS and Android in China.
2014/08/01 (Press Release) Access Bright has announced that is has received the support of both Japan and China in its efforts to eradicate pirated material from China. The news appeared in various Chinese media outlets during China’s largest game event, China Joy