Access Bright(Head Office:Tokyo、President:Hiroyuki Kashiwaguchi)exhibited on China’s largest scale of game show「ChinaJoy2015」,which was held from 30th July,2015 to 2th August in Shanghai(China).At B2C area,we exhibited during the full schedule and told the visitors about the charm of Japanese IP・contents starting from「Crayon Shin-chan」「Robert girls Z」「Hello Kitty」,these games are currently in Chinese development.

As a Japanese company,we carry out the management、promotion、PR and so on from game development of thorough Chinese culturization. The major media paid attention to our attitude of taking a deep understanding about China’s game market.Access Bright’s multi-region entertainment strategy「Pan-Entertainment 」were greatly taken up by(※1)「China Business Network」「Shanghai TV」and major TV stations ,internet media and so on.

Details: Access Bright made a great success in exhibiting firstly on China's largest scale of game show「ChinaJoy2015」!〜Thorough 「Chinese Culturization」was reported by TV and the majority media〜

(※1)Translation in Japanese)Multi-region entertainment. The concept of「Pan-Entertainment(multi-region entertainment)」was raised by Tencent’s vice-president ChengWu near the year2011. People can create excellent IP’s(intellectual property)fan economy on the basis of the coexistence of multiple regions on the internet. IP becomes the core, it means that many users are crazy about the excellent story, character and so on.