Dear Guests and Visitors


Notice of Office Relocation


We hope you all companies have growing prosperity in the early spring.

Thanks for your usual exceptional patronage from the bottom of our hearts.We are pleased to inform you that Access Bright is going to move to new address as below effective from 7th December,2015

By this chance,all of the directors and employees made a resolution to perform business in new feelings.We look forward to receiving more patronage from you.

First while informality, a notice in writing greets to you.




         7th,December 2015

Access Bright

By President Yukihiro Kashiwaguchi



・Moving date   7th(Tuesday),December 2015

・New Address   3F Shinagawa East One Tower, 2-16-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075,Japan.

・T E L                 03-6712-8508

・F A X                 03-5940-7326